There are two categories of automotive manufacturers: original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket manufacturers. Automotive aftermarket crash parts are used in just 15 percent of repairs. Overall aftermarket sales increased in 2008 to $285.5 billion, an increase of 4.0 percent from 2007. Sales in automotive aftermarket (cars and light trucks) totaled $211.4 billion and sales in the heavy duty vehicle aftermarket totaled $74.1 billion in U.S..
Auto part aftermarket manufacturers look for high quality, rapid service with as much convenience as possible. Most individuals in this market segment are willing to pay an extra premium within the pricing of auto part repair services to avoid the common inconveniences of having a vehicle tied up in a repair shop. Approximately 20% of revenues came from emergency towing of local and freeway traffic.

In Poland, nearly 80 percent of the auto part products manufactured by its automotive industry are exported to other EU countries. Until recently, automotive suppliers in India focused on supplying the auto part aftermarket in India alone. As the auto part aftermarket has matured, auto parts producers are increasingly supplying local original equipment manufacturers and tier one supplier, while exporting parts and facilities to the nearby Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries. India currently accounts for about 1 percent of the global automotive components sourcing market, but is expected to reach 4 percent by 2015.

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