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(Comunicados de Prensa) Buena perspectiva sobre los rumores de la compra de la división SuSE Linux de Novell por parte de VMware. Artículo colgado en el blog de Todd Barr, director de MK de Alfresco:

Todd Barr: The open sourcing of VMware

Assuming the rumors are true, VMware‘s acquisition of the SUSE Linux business from Novell further demonstrates the inevitable march of open source throughout the enterprise IT infrastructure. With acquisitions of SpringSource, Zimbra and now, possibly, SUSE, VMware is beginning to look a lot more like Red Hat than the other way around.

I‘ve watched VMware from its start as a desktop virtualization technology (we invested when I was at Dell Ventures, back in 2000), through its entry and hyper-growth in the server space (we were on-again, off-again partners when I was at Red Hat), and I can tell you this - VMware was as proprietary as it gets, with a traditional license model built on the back of proprietary code and software patents. They charged a premium for their technology, and leveraged that into a huge, profitable and high-growth business.

Fast forward to 2010, and VMware is about to be the proud owner of more commercial open source businesses lines than just about anyone. There are probably a lot of strategy considerations involved in these purchases (competing with MSFT, neutralizing Red Hat virtualization, etc.), but at the end of the day, you have to believe that VMware is buying future growth - which means that they believe that commercial open source is where their long-term growth is going to come from.

Pretty exciting if you are a leading commercial open source company in the enterprise IT infrastructure.

Todd Barr is Alfresco‘s Chief Marketing Officer. He has over a decade of experience working in enterprise software and commercial open source, including six years at Red Hat.

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