How to import iTunes songs videos movies into Windows movie maker?

iTunes files use DRM protection to keep people from illegally distributing and copying the songs and videos. Because of this, these songs are also not able to be played on many Windows-based players and programs, for example, Windows Movie Maker. Many people will find out that while importing M4A music or M4V video from iTunes to Windows movie maker, it will pop out tips 'not a supported file type', so actually it is unable to import iTunes songs and video to window movie maker.

However, it is able to remove iTunes DRM protection and convert iTunes songs and videos to Windows movie maker supported files WMA WMV mp3. In this tutorial, there are tips for you to remove protection of iTunes video, to put iTunes songs to Windows movie maker, and to import videos from iTunes to Windows movie maker.

Step by step tutorial to import songs music videos movies from iTunes to Windows Movie Maker.

Firstly, I will introduce you Daniusoft Media Converter Pro, which is professional at removing iTunes DRM protection and converting music or videos between formats. It may help you easily convert iTunes M4A music or M4V video to movie maker supported WMA/WMV or MP3 file format.

What you shall prepare are iTunes on your computer and Daniusoft Media Converter Pro.

Part 1, to convert iTunes songs or videos to Windows movie maker

Download and install Daniusoft Media converter Pro. Click 'add' button to load your target files for importing to Windows movie maker. Or you can directly drag and drop files into Media Converter Pro for converting.

Choose output file format. I suggest you choose Windows media format WMA/WMV, or AVI mp4 mp3 file formats are recommended.

Tips: if you import iTunes songs or music, you may set 'convert audio to' in media converter Pro, if you import iTunes videos or movies, you may set 'convert video to' button. If you just want to rip audio from iTunes videos or movies, you may select audio output in 'convert video to' area.

Then set output destination and remember it for importing to Windows movie maker. Click 'start' to begin the conversion.

Part 2, import converted iTunes music songs videos to Windows movie maker.

On the left side of Windows movie maker, there are buttons 'import video' and 'import audio or music'. Click to get songs or videos from converted iTunes files to movie maker. They will automatically be located in movie maker collections panel. You may also directly drag and drop files to this panel just as what you do in media converter Pro.

After preparing media material, you may start making your own video. With simply drag and drop operation from collections to Timeline panel.

Tips: it is ok when you import converted iTunes songs and videos to Windows movie maker because while converting your files DRM protection was removed at the same time.

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