What is the biggest fanaticism of the world’s wealthy class? A brand list of sports cars, luxury watches and haute couture may come to most people’s minds. However, for those 1% richest people in this world yachting and luxury villas are the real drives.

In Europe, Spain has been favoured by many magnates from all over the world by virtue of its natural beauty. And in the south of this symbolic Mediterranean country, a number of places such as Marbella, La Zagaleta and Puerto Banús are repeatedly exposed in high fashion magazines and other media. Private yachts, deluxe cars and luxury properties in Marbella are the owners’ claim for privilege and social status.

Someone has spotted the mega yacht “Eclipse” of the Russian mogul Roman Abramovic at Puerto Banús. The “monstrous” cruiser had to anchor on the open sea because it has such a colossal size that it couldn’t get into the dock. The boat-landing solution is provided by the luxury properties for rent with helipads in Marbella, which facilitate the in-and-out and also keep the ultimate privacy for the visitors of this type.

luxury villa finca sagitario at night

Luxury does not have to be always extravagant. There are also plenty of luxury villas for sale and for rent in Marbella and its adjoining residential areas. Purchasing or renting a signature villa in Marbella is not only enjoying a luxury home itself but also having the access to the sumptuous experience offered by the property and its environment: stunning beach views, private marina services, swimming pools, home cinema, beach lounges and golf clubs, etc.