The Brazilian company Finincorp announces the launch of the website owners of the club -, which want to join fan and advance to the purchase of a football club in Northeast Brazil.

The project is unprecedented in
Brazil, but is not in Europe. Based on recent example of Ebbsfleet United Football Club, team's 5th division English that was bought by a group of supporters, who were joined by My Football Club website, although on a different financial.

On its website adopted the system of free shares, the invest Fan like, how much and when you want.

Interested parties can register for the site from the 22nd of this month. Here, the record has to be formalized, with the payment of a value from $ 3.00 (Brazil Real), or 1 Euro for other countries, through slip, bank transfer or credit card.

The goal is to Fans as investors, for within a year, spend the majority share acquisition of a club. Consummate the process, fans start to take an active part in sports and financial management of the club.

To this end, form a corporation Sport. Taking into account the financial conditions of Brazilian football, will not be complicated to buy a club first, that not one of the big three of the Northeast.

But will always have to be examined the viability of the club, want to buy a team under acceptable conditions for acquisition.

Meet sufficient number of investors, owners of the club joins the money for business (10% market share go to the site management, marketing, auditing, etc.).

Still, admitting not knowing that success will take the initiative, take the opportunity to acquire a smaller club, as Ebbsfleet, if not join the people want. If the members of the club owners decide not to go ahead with the deal, will receive the money back.

Finincorp is a business consulting firm responsible for corporate and investment initiative of the project, based in
Recife City, State of Pernambuco.

The advertising promotion of the project owners of the Club will be made primarily online, on sites of the group.

Still, admit expose the initiative in shopping malls and e near the stadium of the main clubs of the Northeast.

Yesterday, without the promotion of the project had gone beyond the group's site, the owners of the club had reached the mark of 800 visits, given that they pleased.