HÁBLAME.TV is the first Internet website designed for learning and improving the way you speak the Spanish language. The method consists of on line classes made available wherever and whenever you wish to access them.
As well as personalized tutorials, the method contains Spanish lessons, documentaries, news reels and television programs plus an abundance of audiovisual material especially designed to help you to learn Spanish.
HÁBLAME offers the user the following benefits:
All classes are recorded and available to users. They can be accessed and studied from the comfort of a PC or laptop whenever and where ever the user chooses. They are 150 recorded TV classes consisting of 50 lessons in each level.
The video recorded classes include the following specific advantages:
• 24 hour Access
• Adapts learning in accordance with the user's schedule.
• Users can learn at their own pace.
• Low cost.
We also offer hundreds of subject-specialized videos, specifically designed to learn Spanish.
HÁBLAME 's Spanish videos offer a variety of topics which expose users to real-life Spanish situations. These include: news reels, documentaries short conferences, and videos which deal with Spanish for specific purposes i.e. professional Spanish: financial, managerial and administrative, justice and law, medical, scientific and technical Spanish.
They also provide audio material specifically selected for learning Spanish.
The HÁBLAME website is designed to support text and audio courses in Spanish, divided into 3 levels, each of them consisting of 50 lessons.
All course lessons have the same structure and consist of 5 interrelated parts:
• Theory: grammar.
• Practice: examples.
• Texts: vocabulary.
• Practice: exercises.
The 150 lessons are composed of 3 levels of Spanish text which have a direct link and these complement the rest of the services offered.
All the topics are continually checked and practical activities are constantly updated.
All HÁBLAME Method didactic documents (courses, articles, news, readings, stories, etc.) are available to users in audio and text format.
Users are given the option of reading a didactic document and, at the same time, listening to its correct pronunciation. This facilitates the learning of the language enormously as pupils practice grammar and oral skills simultaneously.
Many texts are accompanied by a translation, text-analysis and grammatical explanation, which assist the user with reading and accelerate learning.
They have selected numerous texts and articles designed to improve reading, comprehension and to gain more Spanish vocabulary.
In order to make learning more exciting we provide the user with plenty of fun and entertaining Spanish texts.
Our website is totally user friendly in that it offers the chance to manage your own learning process.
The Internet provides an efficient, rapid and cost effective form of communication between HÁBLAME and the user. In addition to this, services such as live video-chat, didactic chat, e-mail or tools such as the Messenger are used to in order to attend to the user's individual demands and at the same time offer a collective communication system.
Among the most common didactic services offered on the Internet we provide the following:
• Answers to all your questions.
• Theoretical explanations and individualized exercises.
• Transmission of documents and files in text, audio and video format.
• Communication service with HÁBLAME.
• Proofreading of Spanish texts.
HABLAME video and didactic chat are set channels in Spanish, where users can participate in dialogues, and where the teacher plays a relevant role.
Using this service from a PC or laptop, the user can establish direct dialogue with the teacher and with any other user who is connected at the same time.
The teacher corrects the participants whilst constantly elaborating educational strategies. In this way users can develop their skills and apply themselves to the written and oral activities of the course.
Every user can join the chatroom which corresponds with their level be it Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.
In addition to this, we offer more specific chatrooms directed and supervised by teachers who guarantee their didactic purpose. Some examples are:
• Financial gatherings and business meetings - A chatroom which a financial and business world theme. Its purpose is not to report on the actual market,
but to converse on these topics in Spanish.
• The Language Cafe - A chatroom for specialists in Spanish language and literature.
• School Talk A children's primary school chatroom where pupils amuse themselves while studying Spanish and identifying objects.
• Global Village Journey A chatroom with an international theme. Countries, cities, villages and cultures which are united by the Spanish language.
Among the didactic services available in the chatrooms, we also offer:
• Practice of written Spanish and dialogues.
• Answers to all your questions.
• Important current affairs discussions.
• Linguistic discussions for professional groups.
• Cross-cultural: Identification of different Spanish cultural backgrounds.
These consist of three didactic resources that will help you to learn Spanish.
Photo vocabulary, as its name indicates, is the description of a photo in a brief text with audio. This didactic instrument is designed to improve the user's vocabulary.
Audio texts help to improve Spanish pronunciation. Our texts are read by native Spanish teachers and are made available for listening and repeating.
In addition to the wide range of dictionaries available we offer an exclusive dictionary containing graphics and drawings especially designed to improve the user‘s vocabulary.
Direct access to 24 hour news in clear correct Spanish similar to that which is broadcast on public Spanish television.
We offer direct access to 24 hour news, in clear correct Spanish like that broadcast on public Spanish radio.
HABLAME magazine is an excellent digital resource for improving and remembering Spanish.
HABLAME Magazine brings you interesting topics and current affairs in exclusive and original digital format.
Not only does it contain articles, interviews, investigations and documentaries written for people learning the Spanish language, it also offers dictionaries, audio material and free Spanish material with every issue.