The Board of Directors of Sterling Global Financial Services is pleased to announce the appointment of Federico Peña of Cabo San Lucas to the position of Joint Venture Director, Latin America.
Sterling Global is an educational firm, whose purpose is to teach those who have worked to accumulate wealth how to legally avoid losing it by providing a layer of financial firewall protection tools. Mr. Peña will start expanding Sterling Global‘s key technologies by recruiting and training 40 new JV partners in selected cities throughout Mexico, such as Los Cabos, Chapala, San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Vallarta, Cuernavaca and Playa del Carmen, to name a few projected areas. “With full sales training provided and the opportunity to earn a phenomenal income”, says Peña, “ it is definitely worth exploring.”
Available positions are ideal for candidates who seek exciting job vacancies in the International Financial Services sector, including those employed as sales or business consultants.
The Sterling Global educational program was established in 1985 as a pioneer in the industry. Now those interested in benefiting from and participating in the abundant growth of this industry can take advantage of this opportunity.