William Starkey A Multi-faceted Entrepreneur, Founder Of WR Starkey Mortgage Offers Highly Dependable Mortgage Solutions

(Comunicados de Prensa) The Woodlands, Tx -William Starkey is a leading entrepreneur and speaker. He has diversified business interests. He is also the CEO and founder of WowWe, which is one of the top video consumer technologies available on the internet today. WowWe has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other on the internet using multiple media formats online. WowWe solutions can be effectively used by fortune 500 companies as well as by a common lay person to effectively communicate online at very affordable prices. With over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, Bill runs several successful businesses. He is based in Texas though originally he is from Washington.
Bill Starkey is also the owner of WR Starkey Mortgage, which is a highly customer oriented company as their tag line says, “A Different Kind Of Company… Where People Come First.” Mortgage customers find it very easy to deal with WR Starkey Mortgage as they find this company non-threatening, caring and compassionate. This company does not take advantage of their customers‘ financial situation; they rather help people achieve their financial freedom faster. WR Starkey Mortgage offers its customers with wide range of mortgage products, as they understand very clearly that each homeowner‘s requirements are different. Their mortgage packages are designed to suit varied customer needs.
Another interesting side of this avid entrepreneur is Kiss Army, which is the official fan club for KISS, an American rock band. Bill Starkey along with his friend Jay Evans started Kiss Army in 1975 though initially an unofficial fan club for the KISS rock band.
Bill Starkey has started number of start up businesses and his business acumen and entrepreneurship capabilities have made him one of the highly celebrated businesspersons. His success stories can be attributed to his futuristic thinking. He comes up with innovative business solutions that are designed to meet people‘s future needs. To know more about this entrepreneur and speaker please visit .
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